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Beware! We’re being taught that work is optional and not working is freedom

In President Obama’s New America, will only suckers work and pay taxes? For millions of Americans, Obamacare creates a $20,000 incentive to monitor your income and quit working at the right time so you don’t lose your health insurance subsidy. Work just isn’t worth it if there’s a $20,000 penalty if you stay on the job. Plus, during your new free time you can collect things–like food stamps.

Too many leaders are teaching that work is optional and not working is freedom.

Obamacare rewards those who don’t work and punishes those who do. Zero work gets free healthcare through expanded Medicaid. Lesser work or lesser wages gets subsidized healthcare. Those who work the most must buy their own healthcare and also help pay for other people’s as well.

Under Obamacare, if you make just $1 too much, you can lose $20,000 worth of subsidies. So people are calculating when to stop working and take the rest of the year off to make certain they don’t cross that line. Otherwise, they’d have to earn an extra $20,000 plus the taxes on that $20,000 to come out ahead. And quitting work also gets them food stamps.

Projections say millions of people will do this. Democrats praise this as an escape from “job lock.” A more honest title is: The War Against Work.

It’s a disaster for America.

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Why Work When Welfare Pays You More?

dtable | Cato @ Liberty

In 34 states, public assistance now pays more than the minimum wage. So there is zero incentive to get a starter job. In nine states, benefits top $

35,000 a year. The national median is $28,000. And unlike work, welfare is tax-free.


Welfare often pays more than working.

One new study looked just at the 7 biggest programs, out of 72 that pay cash or benefits to low-income people. In 34 states, benefits pay more than the minimum wage. That kills any incentive to get a starter job. In nine states, benefits top $35,000 a year. The national median is about $28,000. And unlike work, welfare is tax-free.

Meantime, full-time work gets harder to find. Full-time workers must receive full health coverage, but Obamacare requires that everything must be covered, so insurance costs more. 4 out of 10 companies are cutting back who gets insurance to avoid those extra costs. Often that means cutting back on work hours.

So when President Obama takes off work to play golf more than any other President, remember that he’s setting the example for the rest of us to be part-time workers, too.



Learn More: Read Cato Institute study.


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HUD’s Racial Profiling Designed to Give Mortgages to the Unqualified

Mortgage MessObama’s bureaucrats plan an extreme makeover of every neighborhood that doesn’t fit their idea of racial quotas. One of their fixes is to require lenders to apply lower standards for minority applicants–like treating welfare benefits the same as having a job.


President Obama plans the mother of all racial quotas–he just gives it a different name.

Spending a fortune, federal housing officials are creating racial profiles on every neighborhood in America.

Neighborhoods that don’t have the racial balance demanded by bureaucrats will be given a makeover.

For example, minority loan applicants will enjoy lower borrowing standards. This will repeat the government-required subprime loans that already wrecked our economy once. When Obama says loans must be made to “responsible borrowers,” his definition requires lenders to treat welfare benefits the same as having a job.

The Obama team says they’re fixing what they call “disparate impact.” Whenever minorities don’t achieve the same wealth as everyone else, they conclude it’s not education, it’s not work ethic, it’s not credit rating, but it’s always presumed to be racism.

Expect a public storm as Obama’s teams creates new ways for government to redistribute everybody’s wealth.



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It’s Back to the Recession if Obama’s Plans Aren’t Stopped

Bad Economy

Obama’s hand-picked regulators are about to put us back into recession. They are pressuring banks to make home loans to people who cannot afford them–but banks are told it’s illegal discrimination if they don’t make the loans. 


In the name of “fairness” — and redistribution of wealth — President Obama would put us back in recession.

But his plan would make ability-to-pay only a secondary factor in getting a loan. The first factor would be a quota system. If total lending does not match the race and gender of the population at large, then regulators assume it’s due to illegal discrimination. The banks get taken to court, fined and punished.

We’ve seen this before, when government pressured mortgage companies to make substandard loans. The massive defaults put families into foreclosure, home values collapsed, banks had to close, our economy tanked and sent us into recession.

Now Obama’s hand-picked regulators want to put us through that whole mess again. This is not help for the middle class. It’s redistribution gone wild!

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